Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

Are you in the market for aluminum glass overhead doors for your facility. Aluminum glass garage doors offer many advantages. These overhead doors are highly functional, durable, clean, and give your facility a modern, inviting appearance. Aluminum glass overhead doors are equipped with glass panels that allow natural light to enter in your workplace. This not only improves the environment and visibility, but also reduces lighting costs. They are an ideal choice for business that want their interiors visible to their customers, like auto dealerships. If you are considering investing in aluminum glass overhead doors, check out the other benefits they offer.

Benefits of Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

Thermal Properties

One of the biggest advantages of installing aluminum glass overhead garage doors is the energy efficiency they offer. The glass panels of these garage doors are available in a wide variety of insulation choices and high R-value ratings, which help to keep heating and cooling costs down.


Aluminum glass overhead garage doors are far lighter than their steel counterparts. If your operations involve the regular opening and closing of the garage doors, then having a lighter door will extend the lifespan of the opening and closing mechanism and torsion spring. With less maintenance required, comes lower operating costs. Another weight benefit is if it ever becomes necessary to manually open your garage door, aluminum glass overhead garage doors are lighter.


A combination of aluminum and glass gives your facility a contemporary look, and therefore improves its appearance considerably. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve a polished look, then aluminum glass overhead garage doors are a good choice. The frame of these doors can either be painted or embossed with texture depending on which suits your liking.

Water Resistant

When it comes to choosing aluminum glass overhead garage doors, it is also important to consider the weather they will be exposed to. Aluminum overhead garage doors are non-corrosive, which means they will not rust and will be able to withstand exposure to weather conditions. These aluminum framed overhead garage doors are also wind resistant, as they have been designed to meet stringent wind code requirements, protecting your workspace from wind, hail and other weather damages.

Looking for Top Quality Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors?

Arm-R-Lite got its start manufacturing high quality glass garage doors more than 50 years ago. Since then, their welded aluminum and glass garage doors have become the number one choice among architects for their strength, quality, beauty, and longevity. Their contacts consist of thousands of reputable garage door dealers from all over the country.  For more information on their products and services, you can give them a call at (800)554-5816 or just go visit the website.

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