ADA Compliant Pass-Through Door for Sectional Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite, a top garage door manufacturer, is the only American manufacturer that can produce an ADA Compliant Pass-Through Door within a sectional garage door. Their ADA Pass-Through Doors are very popular for restaurants like the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, NJ. The Different Types of Pass-Through Doors The “standard” pass-through door for […]

Arm-R-Lite’s Industrial Garage Door

As the need for a industrial garage door grows, a lot of door contractors, architects, and other business owners are beginning to run into the problem of size limits. In Arm-R-Lite’s over half a century of manufacturing experience, they have met size challenges head on and overcome limitations with exceptional engineering prowess and capabilities. Because of the unmatched strength of […]

Standard Glass Garage Door Products by Arm-R-Lite

The demand for standard glass garage door models often comes from people who don’t really know product they need. The term “Standard” is very misleading and subject to misinterpretation by dealers, installers, and manufacturers. Because of this, customers can end up with something very different from what they’d imagined. Standard Glass Garage Door Models – Pitfalls What is […]

Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

Are you in the market for aluminum glass overhead doors for your facility. Aluminum glass garage doors offer many advantages. These overhead doors are highly functional, durable, clean, and give your facility a modern, inviting appearance. Aluminum glass overhead doors are equipped with glass panels that allow natural light to enter in your workplace. This not […]

Garage Door Replacement

Do you know whether you need a garage door replacement? When you find yourself regularly hearing unpleasant noises coming from your garage door, you know something is not quite right. In fact, it might be time get a garage door replacement. On top of that, your current garage door might be missing safety features. These […]

Insulated Garage Doors – Reasons to Get One

Investing in insulated garage doors offers a range of advantages to homeowners. However, do you know just how much insulated garage doors can benefit you? It can also help you save money on heating and cooling costs, and achieve a great return on investment. Below are some of the top reasons to invest in insulated […]

Custom Modern Garage Doors

Are you looking to upgrade to custom modern garage doors? Custom modern garage doors are the doors designed to suit your lifestyle. While readymade garage doors may look appealing, they are usually not the perfect fit for your style. Newer or newly renovated homes are built with a lot of customization and the only garage […]