Architectural Support for Glass Garage Doors

While glass garage doors may look basic from an outdoor perspective, there is a lot to consider when planning for a project where one or more of these door types are needed. It’s extremely valuable resource to have architectural support when planning and designing a building that wants to incorporate glass garage door assemblies. Important […]

Mirror Glass for Garage Doors

One of many options available on Arm-R-Lite glass garage doors is mirror glass. It can be used on both commercial and residential garage doors depending on the needs and requirements of the project. Mirror glass is unique due to its reflective nature and is desired for both design intent and privacy, however there are drawbacks […]

Counter Door for Restaurants and Bars: Arm-R-Breeze

The Arm-R-Breeze Model was recently added to Arm-R-Lite’s product line. This counter door is optimal for restaurants and bars and can be appliued either internally or externally on the building. The Arm-R-Breeze is a welded aluminum and glass model that offers some amazing options for projects that want to stay simple or make things a […]

Garage Door Manufacturer: WBE Certification

A leading garage door manufacturer, Arm-R-Lite, is proud to be a WBE certified within the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. WBE Garage Door Manufacturer: What Does it Mean? WBE stands for Women’s Business Enterprise. Having a WBE designation means that the business is independent and is at least 51% owned […]

Garage Door Safety Guidelines

Safe practices with your garage door should be done every day. The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) offers some garage door safety guidelines to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe. Garage Door Safety Guidelines From the DASMA DO NOT STAND OR WALK UNDER A MOVING GARAGE DOOR If a garage door […]

Garage Door Safety: Torsion Springs

A major part of garage door safety is knowing about torsion springs. Torsion springs are predominantly installed on commercial applications; however, some residential garage doors may have them too. Leave Garage Door Torsion Springs to the Professionals Torsion springs can be dangerous and should only be handled, adjusted, and installed by professional garage door dealers […]

Keeping your Pets Safe From Garage Doors

There are some basic garage door safety procedures that everyone in your household should be taught. Knowing what is safe and what is not when operating your garage door can make all the difference. For family members who cannot be taught best practices, such as your cats and pups, it’s crucial for us to ensure their […]

Garage Door Safety: Servicing Your Garage Door

Like any machine, proper garage door maintenance is a must for the best possible performance year after year. How much maintenance a garage door requires varies from application to application; however, there are some basic suggestions for getting the most out of your garage door. Recommendations for Garage Door Maintenance: Routine service with a dealer/installer […]

Overhead Sectional Garage Door – What It Are & Its Advantages

Do you now what exactly an overhead sectional garage door is? An overhead sectional garage door is usually constructed of multiple panels and slide up and overhead. They take up exactly the same amount of internal garage space as a monolithic door.  These garage doors can be made out of many materials, but steel, aluminum, wood, copper, […]