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Arm-R-Lite Restaurant Glass Garage Doors

Restaurant Glass Garage Doors: A New Industry Favorite

Restaurant glass garage doors are a trending design aspect for restaurants. Desire for the clean lines, functionality, and light transmission of high quality glass garage doors is attracting both big name chain restaurants as well as small local establishments. Restaurant Glass Garage Doors: Function and Value The roll up function of a glass garage door […]

Insulated Glass Garage Doors

Insulated glass garage doors are hard to come by. Most glass garage door manufacturers only offer only ½” insulated glazing or insulated panels and ignore the non-insulated frame. One glass garage door manufacturer, Arm-R-Lite, tackles both to offer an insulated glass garage door unique to their industry. Insulated Glass Garage Doors: Armor against the Elements […]

ADA Glass Garage Door Pedestrian Door

ADA pedestrian doors are available in select glass garage door models. At this time, the only glass garage door manufacturer that can supply this option is Arm-R-Lite Door Manufacturing Co based in New Jersey. Due to the company’s exclusive welded construction, Arm-R-Lite is able to provide the ADA pedestrian walk through door in either their […]

Welded Glass Garage Doors

Welded Glass Garage Doors

Not all glass garage doors are made equal. Different construction methods will result in products with varying performance levels and overall durability. While most glass garage door manufacturers in the industry have raced each other to the bottom in an effort to compete for the cheapest option, one manufacturer refuses to compromise on quality. Welded […]

Low Headroom Glass Garage Doors

Low Headroom Glass Garage Doors: Architectural Support at your Fingertips Low headroom situations for glass garage doors are not unusual; they are especially common in renovation situations where architects are working with an existing building. It is important for Architects to share with a glass garage door manufacturer exactly how much clear headroom they are […]

Glass Garage Doors

Designing for Glass Garage Doors

The Architects Biggest Glass Garage Door Pitfall: Headroom Glass garage doors can be incorporated into hundreds of applications including homes, fire stations, boat houses, marinas, parks, and restaurants. Architects across the country applaud the flexibility glass garage doors have afforded in their applications. Though glass garage doors may look simple, there are many aspects of […]

4″ Step Over Pass Door

4″ Step Over Pass Door for Arm-R-Lite Overhead Sectional Doors Glass Garage Doors ADA Pedestrian Glass Doors Other Posts: ADA Compliant Pass Doors


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