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Agricultural Overhead Garage Doors

Agricultural Overhead Garage Doors

Large agricultural overhead garage doors are available through Arm-R-Lite. They are perfect for applications such as cattle barns, horse arenas, greenhouses, and tractor storage facilities. Agricultural locations many times involve unique use and corrosive chemicals which require strong, durable, and corrosive resistant garage doors. To meet this demand for high quality and long lasting agricultural overhead garage doors […]

Insulated Fiberglass Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lon insulated fiberglass garage doors by Arm-R-Lite are a great option for commercial or industrial applications with corrosive environments. Instead of than using a steel overhead door that is prone to rust and corrosion, the Arm-R-Lon light-weight fiberglass model overhead door is manufactured with high quality aluminum and fiberglass components resulting in a stronger, corrosion resistant product. […]

Full Vertical Lift Sectional Door

Full Vertical Lift Sectional Door Models

When figuring the track set up for an overhead sectional door, the most significant factor is the amount of headroom a project has. Headroom is the amount of clear space above the opening to the bottom of the lowest obstruction. Where some projects may struggle with not having enough headroom, there are projects that have more than […]

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Best Fire Department Garage Doors On the Market

Arm-R-Lite manufactures the best fire department garage doors. Fire departments are one of the most important buildings in a community. As a home or lodge for firefighters, a fire department must be designed and built for maximum efficiency, strength, and longevity. That’s why quality fire department garage doors are crucial. Fire Department Garage Doors: Empie Park […]

Contemporary Garage Doors

Quality Contemporary Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite offers well-made and breath-taking contemporary garage doors. With their welded aluminum frame, huge array of finish and glass choices, and exclusive custom options, Arm-R-Lite is in the best position in the industry to handle the ever increasing demand for contemporary garage doors. Contemporary Garage Doors Manufactured by Arm-R-Lite: Malibu Model Installed in Illinois This photo was taken […]

Fire Department Glass Garage Doors – Arm-R-Lite

Arm-R-Lite, has been providing their fire department glass garage doors for public and private firehouses for over half of a century. Arm-R-Lite is the trusted brand because of their dedication to products and our unwavering commitment to the strength, quality, and integrity of their doors. They also offer 20 year welded frame warranty on all of their welded models. Arm-R-Lite’s […]

Standard Glass Garage Door Products by Arm-R-Lite

The demand for standard glass garage door models often comes from people who don’t really know product they need. The term “Standard” is very misleading and subject to misinterpretation by dealers, installers, and manufacturers. Because of this, customers can end up with something very different from what they’d imagined. Standard Glass Garage Door Models – Pitfalls What is […]