Corrosion Resistant Package for Glass Garage DoorsCorrosion resistant glass garage doors are a must have for high moisture and corrosive environments. Harsh environments can take a toll on garage doors, frustrating business and home owners with the constant need for service calls and total door replacements.

Corrosion Resistant Package for Glass Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite’s corrosion resistant package for their glass garage doors is the best option for those applications that need some extra attention. Arm-R-Lite believes that just because the installation environment is not ideal, that does not mean their doors cannot rise to the challenge.

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Corrosion Resistant Frame and Finishes

Arm-R-Lite’s unique and exclusive welded construction method ensures that sections do not separate or fall apart. This is because their welded construction, unlike competitors, does not use through bolts which can rust and break. A welded section resists sagging better than all of its bolted competition. This includes horizontal deflection and vertical sagging where the corners rise due to weakness which is almost never seen in Arm-R-Lite’s welded product.

Anodized finishes or custom Kynar® architectural coatings are used to preserve the glass garage door’s appearance and ensure lasting curb appeal.

Rust Resistant Track and Components

Where most manufacturers offer only to powder coat the tracks and hope for the best, Arm-R-Lite offers stainless steel track, cables, face hardware, and durable nylon rollers with sealed bearings. Stainless steel will not rust and will keep the glass garage door operating for decades.

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