Counter Door for Restaurants and Bars: Arm-R-Breeze

The Arm-R-Breeze Model was recently added to Arm-R-Lite’s product line. This counter door is optimal for restaurants and bars and can be appliued either internally or externally on the building. The Arm-R-Breeze is a welded aluminum and glass model that offers some amazing options for projects that want to stay simple or make things a bit interesting.

Arm-R-Breeze Counter Door | Custom Options

Custom Color Counter Doors:

The Arm-R-Breeze counter door can be finished in any of our available paint or anodize options. Standard color is clear anodized – a 20 year warranty finish. Upgrades for colors are available for dark bronze or black anodized as well as custom anodize finishes. Painted finishes in either RAL powder coats (1 year warranty) or Fluropon paints (20 year warranty) are also available. Fluropon paints can be matched in both metallic and non-metallic colors. Finish warranties are void within 1 mile of salt water. If your counter door project is near salt water, clear anodized over painted finishes are recommended due to the environment.

Insulated Counter Doors:

While interior applications might not need to be concerned about temperature performance, counter doors used on the exterior of a bar or restaurant could be. To minimize heat loss Arm-R-Lite’s Arm-R-Breeze Model can be installed with insulated glass units in thicknesses of 5/8” overall or 1” overall. In addition, we can also offer our Energy Efficiency Package as an option to further insulate the counter door by pumping polyurethane expanding foam insulation into the rails and stiles of the door.

Custom Design Counter Doors

For projects that want a bit more uniqueness to their look, the Arm-R-Breeze counter door model can be customized with regard to rail and stile locations. This gives restaurants and bars the ability to line up with adjacent storefronts, windows, or doors so design intent is not lost.

Check out our Counter Door Model page for more information on the Arm-R-Breeze.

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