Insulated Industrial glass garage doors Custom CI ModelThe CUSTOM CI MODEL wide industrial glass garage door is designed to accommodate many commercial and industrial applications such as fire departments, loading docks, warehouses, agricultural facilities, and airports. The Custom CI Model is the widest American made glass garage door in the USA and can span up to 30’ across. Whether your applications calls for a very large door or simply the strongest glass garage door in our industry; the Custom CI can handle it all.

MAX Width –30’-0”



  • Standard Custom CI Model Specifications: Word PDF
  • Insulated Custom CI Model Specifications: Word PDF

Glass Garage Door Request for CAD Files - Custom CI

Windload values are available with the Custom CI Model glass garage door.


The Custom CI Model is available as an insulated industrial glass garage door when coupled with our energy efficiency options. The Insulated Custom CI Model is available with 7/16”, 5/8” or 1” thick insulated glass units, insulated panels, and our Energy Efficiency Package option. An insulated industrial glass garage door with our exclusive energy efficiency option includes polyurethane expanding foam insulation filling the entire frame cavity with zero air spaces as well as a water resistant frame feature.

Glass Garage Door Request a Quote - Custom CI


  • 4” Step Over Pedestrian Pass Door
  • Crank Out Windows
  • Acoustical Package

Please feel free to contact Arm-R-Lite regarding job specific architectural support for our Custom CI Model wide industrial glass garage door.

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