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The Architects Biggest Glass Garage Door Pitfall: Headroom

Glass Garage Door CompanyGlass garage doors can be incorporated into hundreds of applications including homes, fire stations, boat houses, marinas, parks, and restaurants. Architects across the country applaud the flexibility glass garage doors have afforded in their applications. Though glass garage doors may look simple, there are many aspects of their design that must be accounted for prior to specification.

Headroom in the garage door industry is a term used to describe the amount vertical space that is free or clear above an opening. Headroom is measured from the top of your opening to the bottom of the lowest obstruction; this space is important as it will determine the type of track set up your project will need. Headroom can be the single biggest pitfall for architects when planning and specifying a project using glass garage doors. If an opening does not contain a set minimum amount of headroom above the opening, it becomes impossible to install a functioning glass garage door or any overhead sectional door.

It is important for Architects to consult their glass garage door manufacturer regarding headroom prior to planning a project. Arm-R-Lite Door Manufacturing, a high quality glass garage door manufacturer offers support services via their website for architects planning to use their premium glass garage doors. According to Arm-R-Lite, “The biggest challenge when it comes to planning for an overhead sectional door is leaving enough headroom for the door to operate.” To this end, the 50 year manufacturing veteran welcomes architects to contact them directly for help planning and specifying their glass garage door designs.Glass Garage Door Manufacturer

It is important to consider headroom on both standard design as well as custom designed glass garage doors and notify your manufacturer on which your project calls for. For example: If you plan to specify a glass garage door with Arm-R-Lite’s ADA compliant Pass Door you will require a different amount of minimum headroom compared to the same sized door without an ADA man door. Not all custom options will effect the headroom requirement, but it is always best to discuss it with the glass garage door manufacturer first.

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