Frosted Glass Garage Doors

Frosted Glass Garage DoorsFrosted glass garage doors offer added privacy for homes and businesses. Frosted glass can also offer a sophisticated, high end appearance and add to the curb appeal of residential and commercial projects. However, not all frosted glass is made equal. Arm-R-Lite can help you choose the right type and style of frosted glass garage doors for a successful project.

Frosted Glass Types for Arm-R-Lite Frosted Glass Garage Doors

There are many types of frosted glass that can be used on an Arm-R-Lite welded aluminum and glass garage door. Below are some commonly used types they have seen requested on both commercial and residential applications:

Frosted Glass Garage DoorsPatterned Rolled
: Pattered rolled glass contains a specific design feature on one or both sides of the glass. This is achieved by passing the sheet between textured rollers at the time of manufacture. Common designs are “cascading water” or a “dappled” texture such as shower glass. Patterned rolled glass may be requested as frosted glass due to its ability to obscure vision through the glass pane.

Frosted Glass Garage DoorsSandblasted
(Frosted): Sandblasted glass falls is considered a frosted glass type which has undergone a sandblasting treatment. Sandblasting is normally uniform in garage doors, however multi-relief motifs can also be applied. Please consult Arm-R-Lite’s customer care and sales department for custom designed sandblasted glazing options.

Acid-Etched (Frosted): Acid-etched glass is considered a frosted glass and may be wholly or partially matte in appearance. Acid etched glass is smooth compared to sandblasted glass. Acid etched, like sandblasted, is normally uniform in garage doors (no designs), however custom options are available though Arm-R-Lite.

Frosted Glass Garage DoorsSilk Screening
: In a silk screen glass unit, an enamel coating is applied to part of the glass using a screen. The product is then vitrified during the tempering or strengthening process. Silk Screening is usually used in garage doors with a dot or square pattern, though custom options are available though Arm-R-Lite.

Frosted Glass Garage DoorsCeramic Frit
: The entire surface is covered with a coating of vitreous enamel. Ceramic frits seen most commonly on garage doors are large or small diameter circle patterns. Please contact our sales and customer service team with any questions regarding custom frit patterns.

Arm-R-Lite is able to accommodate glass thicknesses up to 1” insulated frosted glass units in their exclusive welded aluminum and glass overhead garage doors.

Looking for Superior Frosted Glass Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite got its start manufacturing high quality glass garage doors more than 50 years ago. Since then, their welded aluminum and glass garage doors have become the number one choice among architects for their strength, quality, beauty, and longevity. Their contacts consist of thousands of reputable garage door dealers from all over the country.  For more information on their products and services, you can give them a call at (800)554-5816 or just go visit the website.

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