Keeping your Pets Safe From Garage Doors

There are some basic garage door safety procedures that everyone in your household should be taught. Knowing what is safe and what is not when operating your garage door can make all the difference. For family members who cannot be taught best practices, such as your cats and pups, it’s crucial for us to ensure their safety.

Garage Door Safety – Be Mindful of your Pets When Operating Your Garage Door

  • Do not leave your garage door open for your dog or cat.

The springs on your garage door are what prevent it from slamming closed with no assistance. As they age, the tension decreases and the door can drift downward on its own and injure your beloved furry friend. A superior alternative is to install a garage door with a pet door. This will allow for safe and easy access for cats and dogs to enter or leave your garage.

  • Do not allow or encourage dogs or cats to chew on cables.

There are cables attached to your springs so they are under intense tension. A frayed cable can snap and injure your pet or another family member.

  • Do not tie your dog or cat to your garage door.

Your garage door is not stationary. Whether your door is manually or motor operated, your pet is in danger of serious injury or death if it is tied to a moving garage door.

  • Do not play “race the door” games with your pets.

There are safety precautions in place for motor operated doors to stop a garage door from closing. However, sometimes a pet or person playing “race the door” is moving too fast for the safety device to register and is at risk of being hit by your garage door.

  • Be sure to inspect the top of your open garage door before closing it.

Cats, in particular, enjoy perching on the highest possible point in a structure with the best view. Many cats see an open garage door as prime territory. A cat resting on top of an open garage door may be unable to outrun or get off the closing door before getting seriously or fatally wounded.

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