Glass Garage Door PANEL OPTIONS

Glass garage doors by Arm-R-Lite are available with not only full vision sections, but also panel or combination sections to create a truly unique design. Glass garage door panels have the opportunity to be more than just solid aluminum sheets. Depending on the application an architect or designer may envision perforations, stamped patterns, or even louvers in lieu of solid panels. Most custom panel options by Arm-R-Lite are available in anodized, powder coats, or Kynar® architectural finishes as well.

Glass Garage Door Custom Panels

Glass Garage Door Stamped Panels by Arm-R-LiteDOWNLOAD: Stamped Panel Sell Sheet

Stamped panel come in many designs and can offer custom applications a unique way of “dressing” a glass garage door. Arm-R-Lite offers stamped aluminum panels in up to (10) standard designs. Custom stamped designs can also be achieved – please consult with factory regarding availability.

Glass Garage Door Perforated Panels by Arm-R-LiteDOWNLOAD: Perforated Panel Sell Sheet

Perforated panels offer projects ventilation properties as well as some security features. Perforations can be circular, square, hexagonal, slotted, or custom depending on the needs for a specific application. Perforated panels by Arm-R-Lite are available to meet ventilation requirements as well as design needs for architects.

Glass Garage Door Mesh Panels by Arm-R-LiteDOWNLOAD: Mesh Panel Sell Sheet

Mesh panels are used most often in food service or storage applications where rodent and bug infestation prevention is important. Fine mesh panels allow a degree of visibility into a space while restricting access by vermin.

Glass Garage Door Louver Panels by Arm-R-LiteDOWNLOAD: Louver Panel Sell Sheet

Louver panels are an interesting option due to their use, array of designs, and application placement. Louvers are most commonly installed above an overhead sectional door for ventilation; however Arm-R-Lite can supply “paneled” louvers or louvers that are fixed within the frame of the glass garage door as well. Louvers are available as either inoperable (fixed) or operable (able to open and close).

For more information, please contact Arm-R-Lite with any questions regarding their glass garage door panel options.

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