Glass Garage Doors with FLOOD VENTS

Flood vent choices for glass garage doors

Glass garage door flood vents are a great option for homes and businesses located in or need flood zones. When a flood occurs, water pressure builds up and can cause catastrophic damage to not only your garage door, but also to the structure the door is part of.

Flood Vents for Glass Garage Doors in Flood Prone Areas

Flood vents in glass garage doorsFlood vents for glass garage doors operate by latching closed until the vent comes into contact with flood water. Internal floats within the vent react to rising water levels and cause the vent to unlatch and open. By allowing water to freely enter and exit through the glass garage door pressure on the structure is relieved.

Each 16” x 8” flood vent is designed to cover 200 square feet of enclosed space, is accepted by FEMA, and ICC-ES evaluated.

color choices for glass garage door flood vents


  • Louvered – Louvered models offer flood protection and ventilation without the use of electricity. This model is available in 16” x 8” only
  • Insulated – Insulated models offer flood protection and insulation for temperature controlled spaces. This model is available in 16” x 8” or 14½” x 8½” only.

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