Glass garage doors are being installed throughout the United States on projects ranging from homes and businesses to museums and theme parks. As the pool of applications for glass garage doors expands, so too does the number of products available on the market. The industry is full of companies looking to undercut their competition by slashing prices and cutting corners as they race each other to the bottom. In the end, it’s the customers who are left holding the bag as their glass garage doors sag and crumble under the weight of poor construction methods and cheap parts hiding behind the word “value”.

Glass Garage Doors: What Value Really Means

In the business of glass garage doors terms like “value engineering” and “value pricing” run amok as competitors continue to seek ways to slash costs. The word value in these cases has become euphemism for cheap and the low quality of these value products brought to market shows. For Arm-R-Lite Door Manufacturing, the quest to achieve value has not become a deluded exercise in gutting their products, but a continued dogged pursuit of what value should always reflect- Quality.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – this quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin is as impactful as it is true. A cheap glass garage door cannot sustain such a low price point without sacrificing the single most important value adding feature, it’s quality. Arm-R-Lite invests their pride as a high quality manufacturer into their glass garage doors by offering exclusive value adding benefits to their doors that other manufacturers cannot:

  • 20 year welded frame warranty – Arm-R-Lite is the only U.S. glass garage door manufacturer that welds our doors
  • 20 year finish warranties on Kynar/ Duranar Architectural coatings and anodized finishes
  • hundreds of glass options up to and including 1″ thick insulated glazing
  • ADA compliant pass doors
  • Push out awning windows
  • Acoustical options
  • First class one on one architectural support

Arm-R-Lite is a quality driven glass garage door manufacturer and is proud to say they’ve not strayed in the more than half a century they’ve been crafting their doors. They’ve seen manufacturers come and go, value pricing themselves out of business and leaving their customers stranded. Glass garage doors are an investment; their quality should be seen as truly valuable, not how  cheaply they can be made.

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