Mirror Glass for Garage Doors

One of many options available on Arm-R-Lite glass garage doors is mirror glass. It can be used on both commercial and residential garage doors depending on the needs and requirements of the project. Mirror glass is unique due to its reflective nature and is desired for both design intent and privacy, however there are drawbacks to it that must be taken into account before an application confirms its use.

Mirror Glass for Garage Doors: Distortions

The type of mirror glass used in overhead sectional doors is not the same reflective glass you have in your bathroom, compact, or vanity. Reflective glass used for overhead sectional doors can be manufactured in multiple different ways with different materials to achieve unique properties such as tinting, frosty or hazy appearance, or even insulated.

Manufacturing the type of mirror glass for garage door use does result in a degree of distortion in the reflected image. This distortion is not a defect and cannot be eliminated in the units.

Mirror Glass for Garage DoorsTo the right is an example of the distortion seen on an insulated unit. On insulated reflective glass units, there is a peripheral distortion around the unit due to the pressure inside the air space between the glass panes. This distortion can vary in severity and size and well as change depending on the angle of view.

In addition to insulated units, tempered reflective glass units in particular can have inherent distortions in the mirrored reflection as well as the glass unit itself due to roller wave distortion. Roller wave distortion is also a common distortion on tempered glass units and is not considered a defect in manufacturing. Annealed glass (not safety glass) is not tempered and will not have roller wave distortion; however, annealed mirror glass can still have reflection distortions.

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