Overhead Sectional Garage Door – What It Are & Its Advantages

Do you now what exactly an overhead sectional garage door is? An overhead sectional garage door is usually constructed of multiple panels and slide up and overhead. They take up exactly the same amount of internal garage space as a monolithic door.  These garage doors can be made out of many materials, but steel, aluminum, wood, copper, glass, and vinyl (polyethylene) are the most popular materials. Some manufacturers incorporate foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation within the doors.

Advantages of an Overhead Sectional Garage Door

Overhead Sectional Garage Door

  • Safety: Perhaps the most important reason homeowners have abandoned single panel garage doors is because of the safety factor. These older doors use extension springs, which can fail catastrophically when not properly maintained. Springs have flown off rusted connectors and gone through drywall, garage contents, and even car windows.
  • Space limitations:  Newer homes mean increasingly less space between neighbors, especially in tightly-packed planned communities. The extra few feet a single panel garage door needs to tilt has to come out of the driveway, meaning that you’ll have to park further back while the garage door is opening. If space is at a premium, a overhead sectional garage door is the best way to go.
  • Tolerance to violent weather: Although your single panel garage door can certainly handle some trouble, a sectional overhead garage door may be better in extreme weather. When a single panel garage door fails, it fails dramatically, with the whole door coming down at once. A failed sectional garage door may be dented or crushed in just a single section, providing an easier, less expensive fix.

Looking for the Best Overhead Sectional Garage Door Options?

Arm-R-Lite got its start manufacturing high quality gas station garage doors more than 60 years ago. Since then, our welded aluminum and glass garage doors have become the number one choice among architects for their strength, quality, beauty, and longevity.  Arm-R-Lite is the only glass garage door manufacturer that produces a welded frame. The most common construction method uses thru-bolts to hold sections together which sag and separate over time, affecting curb appeal and reducing the performance life of the sections and door. Welded sections never separate and will outperform thru bolted doors year after year for decades! Our dealer/installer network consist of thousands of reputable garage door dealers from all over the country. If you are interested in even more information on our overhead glass garage doors and other glass garage door products and services, you can give us a call at (800)554-5816 or visit our website.

Glass Overhead Garage Doors


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