Arm-R-Lite, a top garage door manufacturer, is the only American manufacturer that can produce an ADA Compliant Pass-Through Door within a sectional garage door. Their ADA Pass-Through Doors are very popular for restaurants like the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, NJ.

The Different Types of Pass-Through Doors

The “standard” pass-through door for garage doors usually comes with either a 4”Pass-Through Doors or 5” bottom rail which causes a tripping hazard and can become a serious threat for businesses. Even if your home or business does not require an additional ADA entrance, our ADA Pass-Through Door is a safe alternative to the standard pass-through door with the bottom rail. Having a pass-through door built into your garage door allows for entrance through the garage without opening the entire garage door. For restaurants, it can mean transforming an indoor dining space to outdoor dining in the spring and summer months. For more information on our ADA Compliant Pass-Through Door for your sectional garage door, please call for a free consultation.