Pizzeria Glass Garage Doors by Arm-R-Lite

Pizzeria glass garage doors made by Arm-R-Lite are are becoming very popular in urban and suburban storefronts. In New York and New Jersey, where space is limited, many restaurants find that glass garage doors can help make the most out of their existing commercial space by providing the opportunity to combine indoor and outdoor seating as well as setting up a display of the inside of the place for those walking by.Pizzeria Glass Garage Doors | Glass Garage Door Guru

Pizzeria Glass Garage Doors Installed at Nomad Pizza

Nomad Pizza is one such application that chose to utilize Arm-R-Lite’s welded glass garage doors for their new location. The installation was conducted this month by Advanced Door NJ who provided the photo to the right. Both pizzeria glass garage doors installed on this project were manufactured with tempered insulated glass units in each section with a custom black frame. The finish is a Kynar® architectural coating that comes with a 20 year warranty.

The frames of these pizzeria glass garage doors are welded for strength and come with a 20 year welded frame warranty against sagging or separating sections.

For more on Arm-R-Lite’s pizzeria glass garage doors or other garage door models, you can contact them at (800)554-5816 or visit the website.

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