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The demand for standard glass garage door models often comes from people who don’t really know product they need. The term “Standard” is very misleading and subject to misinterpretation by dealers, installers, and manufacturers. Because of this, customers can end up with something very different from what they’d imagined.

Standard Glass Garage Door Models – Pitfalls

What is a standard glass garage door? A member of Arm-R-Lite’s sales team often uses this analogy when asked about their standard glass garage doors:

“How comfortable are you with going to a car dealership, handing a check to the sales person and telling them to give you a whatever their standard car is? Of course you wouldn’t do that, that would be silly. Glass garage doors are in the same situation. You wouldn’t hand over a check for a “standard” car without knowing what you are getting, then why do it with  what is likely the largest moving part of your home or business – your glass garage door?”

Arm-R-Lite suggests that before you reach out to them or one of their approved dealers/installers you should have a firm idea of what you need and what you want. This includes the size of your opening, what kind of glass, finish or color, and how much clear space you have around your opening. Knowing these things beforehand makes it that much easier to ensure you don’t waste your time or money on a standard glass garage door product that someone assumed you wanted. It’s easy to ask for a standard glass garage door, but your “standard” may not always be the same as someone else’s.

Looking for a Top Quality Standard Glass Garage Door?

Arm-R-Lite got its start manufacturing high quality glass garage doors more than 50 years ago. Since then, their welded aluminum and glass garage doors have become the number one choice among architects for their strength, quality, beauty, and longevity. Their contacts consist of thousands of reputable garage door dealers from all over the country.  For more information on their products and services, you can call them at (800)554-5816 or visit the website.

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