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Carriage House Glass Garage Door

A carriage house glass garage door is a a great option for homes and businesses located in historical districts. It really compliments the structure, adding a lot to aesthetics. Carriage House Glass Garage Doors: Preserving History Modern carriage house doors are normally fabricated using either wood or steel. Though these materials can achieve the “look” of […]

Arm-R-Lite’s Industrial Garage Door

As the need for a industrial garage door grows, a lot of door contractors, architects, and other business owners are beginning to run into the problem of size limits. In Arm-R-Lite’s over half a century of manufacturing experience, they have met size challenges head on and overcome limitations with exceptional engineering prowess and capabilities. Because of the unmatched strength of […]

Gallery Glass Garage Door

A gallery glass garage door can add beauty and modern appeal to art galleries, museums, and artist studios. From New York to California, gallery glass garage doors have become a fast growing application trend in our industry with locations including some of the most prestigious and well known galleries in the US. Art and Beauty […]

Agricultural Overhead Garage Doors

Agricultural Overhead Garage Doors

Large agricultural overhead garage doors are available through Arm-R-Lite. They are perfect for applications such as cattle barns, horse arenas, greenhouses, and tractor storage facilities. Agricultural locations many times involve unique use and corrosive chemicals which require strong, durable, and corrosive resistant garage doors. To meet this demand for high quality and long lasting agricultural overhead garage doors […]

Quality Glass Garage Doors by Arm-R-Lite

High quality glass garage doors are manufactured by Arm-R-Lite. With more than 50 years of experience, they continuously provide the highest quality and longest performing overhead sectional doors in the industry. Quality Glass Garage Doors by Arm-R-Lite Arm-R-Lite’s quality glass garage doors are fabricated with their exclusive heli-arc weld construction method, no other garage door manufacturer in the United States […]

Anodized Glass Garage Door Models Arm-R-Lite

Anodized glass garage door models are commonly used on both commercial and residential applications because of their durability and corrosion-resistant qualities. Anodized Glass Garage Door Options– 20 Year Warranty Finish Option The glass garage door manufacturer, Arm-R-Lite, offers clear anodized and dark bronze anodized finishes as standard. However, they do have an expanded line of anodized finishes that […]

Contemporary Glass Garage Door Models

Contemporary glass garage door models can be a stunning addition to modern home and commercial design projects. Modern design trends have moved applications for a contemporary glass garage door beyond parking garages. Art studios, conference rooms, interior accent partition walls, commercial businesses, and residential applications have embraced the use of a glass garage door in […]

Sound Reduction Glass Garage Doors

Sound reduction glass garage doors are a new and fast growing demand in the garage door industry. Options for Sound Reduction Glass Garage Doors Sound proofing, sound insulation, and noise reduction needs are growing as commercial and residential design trends bend toward more unique applications for glass garage doors. Architects and designers who have been struggling to […]

Commercial Glass Garage Door

Arm-R-Lite’s Commercial Glass Garage Door

Commercial glass garage door models are quickly increasing in popularity among leading architects and designers. From restaurants to museums, stadiums to office buildings a commercial glass garage door can be found on some of the most innovative designs. Arm-R-Lite Commercial Glass Garage Door Models & Custom Designs The above picture is of a recent installation of an Arm-R-Lite […]